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Solar Energy

We provide turnkey solutions to our customers, from project management and design & engineering, to construction, operations, and maintenance. Infolliance has many years of experience with commercial rooftop and ground-mounted systems, and we emphasize quality and reliability for our systems. We use only high efficiency modules with our own solar module design to ensure that the system can run for 20 years. With our cumulative experience, we guarantee efficient installation of high quality systems. One of the advantages of working with Infolliance is that we take care of every step during your switch to clean power—including engineering, financing, permits, installation and ongoing monitoring. We make it easy and affordable to go solar with uncompromising service.


Municipal Solid Waste Management

In this backdrop, the report proposes that ‘Waste to Energy’ projects can be set up in cities with population above two million, generating more than 300 tonnes per day or more of combustible waste. The report proposes a model scheme for such projects and proposes exemption from corporate income tax for the first five years, immediate refund of value-added tax and a feed-in tariff, which means higher price for renewable energy, among other things.


Fuel From Waste Plastic

Infolliance brings this Unique and Cost-Effective Technology to extract Fuel from Waste Plastics. It is a completely automatic plant equipped with all control & safety features. The process involves Pyrolysis technology which is thermal degradation process in the absence of oxygen. Plastic waste is treated in a cylindrical chamber at temperature of 370°C - 420°C. The polymer is gently cracked by adding Catalyst and the pyrolysis gases are condensed in a series of condensers to give a low sulphur content distillate.


Input Material Mixed Plastic:

  • Mixed Plastic Scrap – in any form

  • Carry bags (even less than 20 microns)

  • Mono/multilayer pouches & sachets

  • Rigid plastics, Disposable cups

  • Woven sacks, Cable husk, Carpets

  • Thermocoal, Foam, etc...

  • Output: - Fuel Oil and Carbon Ash



  • Patented Technology

  • Advanced & Commercially Proven Technology

  • Socio Business Model

  • Low Emission Process Easy to Operate

  • Low Maintenance

  • Affordable Catalyst Price

  • Quick Return on Investment

  • Can Accept Any Unsorted Plastics from Municipal Waste

  • Short Recovery Period

  • Can Accept Any Unsorted Plastics from Municipal Waste

  • Short Recovery Period

  • Can Accept Any Unsorted Plastics from Municipal Waste

  • Short Recovery Period

Washing of PET bottles

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