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The increasing cost of Energy is an important issue in our world of business today. As fossil fuels become increasingly scarce, the cost of energy for your production needs too, has increased tremendously over the years, cutting into your profitability and competitiveness.
With the increase in demand due to economic growth, utility companies will not be able to continue giving billions of dollars in subsidy and will need to pass the cost on to the consumers. Further price increases will not go unnoticed, especially by high energy consumers such as yourselves. Yet, the consumption is very much justified, essential for the production of your goods and services.

INFOLLIANCE comprises a pool of qualified personnel and expertise from our principal partners with extensive experience in various disciplines of Energy & Facilities management in both the industrial and commercial sectors. We operate as an integrated team, providing practical, commercially focused services on every aspect. We have successfully executed various projects on energy efficiency improvement and energy management.

INFOLLIANCE has served various MNC's like Lafarge Malayan Cement, PETRONAS Bhd , Saint Gobain Group, GKN Driveline, Carrier International, Maxis Bhd, Hitachi Electronics, GE Plastic Singapore.Mah Sing Platics, Smart Modular Technology etc.

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