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Largest FMCG in Malaysia– Biomass Boiler and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) project with 15 years contract

Infolliance has successfully secured BOO project on Biomass boiler and Combined Heat and Power, which will be supplying to one of largest FMCG in Malaysia, Kuching Factory with steam and electricity power. The plant will be using the mixtures of palm kernel shell (PKS) and wood chips for the fuel. Biomass Boiler for Kuching plant is work in progress and will
be ready in the year early 2022.

Co-generation Biomass Power Plant at Sungei Kadut, Singapore
Tri-Generation Biomass Power Plant at Energy Resource Center – Garden By The Bay

Together with Ecowise Holdings Limited, Infolliance has installed and implemented a Co and Tri-generation Biomass Power Plant using woodchips to supply heat, electricity power and cooling energy for government infrastructures in Singapore.

- Biomass fuel: horticultural and wood waste (crushed)
- Electrical power: 0.93MW
- Heating power (steam): 5.4MW
- Cooling load: 675 kW
- Steam production capacity: 9.5 tons/hour
- CO2 reduction: 13,280 tons/annum
- Concession period: 15 years

Muda Paper Mills, Installation of back-pressure steam turbine

In 2019, Infolliance has successfully completed the installation of back-pressure steam turbine which benefited them in free electrical power to be consumed internally, using steam from existing Biomass Boiler.

Located in Penang, Malaysia, Muda Paper Mills (MPM) is one of the key player of paper industries in Malaysia which turning recycled paper into various paper products. Having three units of biomass boilers and is the main source steam supply to the process, MPM is progressively improving the facilities in order to achieve better cost savings and at the same time increase their capacity of productions. In 2019, Infolliance has successfully completed the installation of backpressure steam turbine which benefited them in free electrical power to be consumed internally.

Generally, every plant will have their own pressure reducing valve (PRV) which reduces the steam pressure from supply side (boilers) to the process side based on the machines’ requirements. While PRV effectively reducing the steam pressure, they also waste valuable energy. Continuously wasting the energy in PRV has lost the potential to cut the operation cost in a plant. This is why steam turbine comes into the picture. The purpose of back pressure steam turbine is to replace the operation of PRV (without removing it) while producing the same output and at the same time produce free electrical power which generated by induction generator and can be consumed in the plant.

As in MPM, biomass boilers are generating 15 Bar while the process side needed only less than 10 Bar. 5 Bar steam pressure reduction then will be converted by a thermodynamic process to a useful electrical energy. The advantage of this technology is factory will receive continuous benefits every day as long as the factory is running. Infolliance has a capability to supply to almost 2.5 MW steam turbine and a study of heat-mass balance is needed to ensure the system works perfectly.

Rajshil Papers Private Limited, Installation of 12 tph Biomass Boiler

Rajshil Papers Private Limited is located in Mysore, Karnataka, India and is part of the Pulp & Paper Mills Industry. In the year 2012, Infolliance had installed one unit of 12 tph water –tube biomass boiler to produce steam for the paper mills. The plant used wood chip and palm kernel shell as a fuel. The combustion chamber is driven by travelling grate and the movement is adjusted in such a way that the fuel is distributed as an even bed over the whole grate.

Venkraft Industries - Installation of 20 tph Biomass Boilers

In the year 2006, Infolliance successfully completed the installation of 20 TPH biomass boilers in Venkraft Industries, a famous Indian paper industries. Here Infolliance had supplied combi biomass boiler with wood chip as a fuel.

3 Nos, 12 ton boilers to M/s SAB miller, Mwanza, Africa,
4 Nos, 8 ton boilers to M/s Dekker Bruins, TNZ,
1 No, Popular Rice mill (12 TPH) Rice husk boilers in Africa.
1 No, Serendib Rice mill, 6 TPH, Sri Lanka.
1 N0, COCOMATE INDUSTRIES, 5 TPH, Sri Lanka ( using coconut shell as fuel )
3 Nos, Jacobi carbons, WHRB, (using coconut shell ) 6 TPH, 8 TPH, 5 TPH Vietnam / India
1 No, WHRB, ASD to M/s Cape Byron, Australia - cement plant - (capacity of 6 TPH)
2 Nos, 4 TPH, Waste wood fired, EMBEE GARMENTS, Madagascar, Africa
1 no, 8 TPH, Waste Veneer as fuel, CANARA PINTO MILLS

CV Prima Sejahtera – Installation of Biomass Boiler 1TPH for Feedmill

Infolliance Indonesia has installed 1TPH Biomass Boiler using Rice Husks
as Biomass Fuel to supply steam for a new feedmill plant in East Java. It
is a Fluid Bed Combustion Fixed Grate boiler, utilizing rice husks from a
rice mill located nearby.

PT Rwando Adi Energi - BOO Biomass Gasification Power Generation

Infolliance Indonesia has secured a 10 years BOO project for Biomass
Gasification Power Generation plant supplying 200kW electricity power
to a wood pellet manufacturer in East Java. Biomass fuel used would be
woodchip/saw dust or rice husks.
Project is under Construction, estimated COD in July/Aug 2021

PT TEREOS FKS INDONESIA - ESP Boiler Reparation and Overhaul

Infolliance Indonesia has conducted maintenance on Boiler ESP for a 9
MW Power Generation Plant at PT TEREOS FKS INDONESIA, as part of
annual maintenance shutdown.

PT Sumber Energi Pangan - BOO Biomass Power Generation 700kW

Infolliance Indonesia is under negotiation for a BOO Biomass Power
Generation Plant using Biomass Boiler and Steam Turbine producing
700kW electricity for a large rice mill plant belonging to PT Sumber
Energi Pangan in Sumatera.
Project is Under Contract Evaluation, Start Construction 2022

Green Juice

Biomass Energy Business Model

Using our extensive local knowledge and experiences in biomass supply chains and strategic sourcing, we are able to provide our customers not only the technology and investments for the CAPEX, but also securing the biomass availability and supply chain by implementing the right strategic sourcing with local biomass fuel suppliers or sources. This means for our clients ZERO Investment, ZERO Risk, ZERO Operation & Maintenance, Secured Biomass Supply.

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